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. . . . . the Mountains are calling and I must go ....

…..  I only went out for a walk into the wilderness, and finally concluded to stay out on the land, for going out, I found, was really going in. In every walk with Nature I have received far more than I sought…..

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…the Tiger roars…

our small village home is being set up for our dwelling…. planting moringa, curry leaf, pomegranate, neem trees and some flowering bushes; planning for a hammock space in the backyard; locating the papaya pit circle and the trelise crops on the fence in the frontyard; fixing the laundry wash stone and so on ans so forth…

as usual, and, I guess that is what I will need to get used to – slowing down, big time, people take their own sweet time to finish work – a quality that is good mostly and a little bad at times! So, finally after a 2 month wait we have a place to cook, sleep and work from.. (more…)

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the journey begins

IMG_2807After a year long rendezvous with the paper-work and associated legalities we finally have the legal ownership of the land that we start our project work on. The process of procuring land, especially in Karnataka can be daunting, wanting a weak-hearted to give up eventually.

The entire experience with ‘land’ has been insightful and has revealed very many aspects of my own deeper being. (more…)

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buying land in India

.. if there is one teacher to patience, it is this..Try buying land in India, and as a single woman.  It teaches you tolerance, patience and optimism and so much more…

While you think you finally can start living and working on the land, there comes the next hurdle.. legal titles, division of property between brothers, papers that were never updated, exact measure and extent of the land, failed negotiations – name it!



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