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eat Your Yard San Antonio (eYY) is a south Texas based initiative of swaYYam, that helps with edible landscaping.

eYY works with the premise that ‘Food connects us to everything else’. Today, there is a growing disconnect, with our basic resources that sustain life – water, soil, air, forests, and food. EYY promotes and supports conscious low-impact- living choices starting from taking charge of our food.

“Eating is an agricultural act. It is also an ecological act, and a political act too. Though much has been done to obscure this simple fact, how and what we eat determines to a great extent the use we make of the world – and what is to become of it. To eat with a fuller consciousness of all that is at stake might sound like a burden, but in practice few things in life can afford quite as much satisfaction.”  –  Michael Pollan, ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma’

eYY currently seeks to replace unproductive designer lawns and landscapes with edible, fruit bearing, native, beneficial trees, bushes, vines and ground-cover, while working on water and soil conservation, composting of kitchen wastes, rain water harvesting, using efficient irrigation systems that minimize evaporation and using as many as recycled materials as possible. eYY helps with the design and installation of such holistic edible systems and offer training workshops, volunteering and interning opportunities to learn and build skills.

eYY also fosters resource sharing – as a forum where like-minded people can come together to share, teach, learn and spread the knowledge creating the ripple effort of goodness.


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