. . . . . the Mountains are calling and I must go ....

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…..  I only went out for a walk into the wilderness, and finally concluded to stay out on the land, for going out, I found, was really going in. In every walk with Nature I have received far more than I sought…..

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….. the journey began many years ago and I only came back with a stronger pull to go back again. No one can deny the chord that binds us with our eternal source. One just has to let it manifest without any barriers…..



….. I breathe deeply, clearly and fully, the clean air coming from the hills, gazing into the endless vistas of undulating mountains, taking in the chill breeze which brings with it the rains from the blue nilagiri mountains afar, watching the cows strutting their way back to their shelter avoiding the rain with bent heads for the night, the kid stealing moments of suckling from the mother goat, while the villagers share snippets of the recent episode of the elephant calf that died a day ago…….

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….. the mother came back the next day where she parted with her calf, giving out loud cries of grief… moist eyes, watery eyes, shameful … I am sorry, deeply sorry, for, we are in many ways responsible for your grief…. When one tugs at a single thing in nature, you’ll find that it’s attached to the rest of the planet, in some way. Everything in Nature is interconnected…..

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…… Earth has no sorrow that it cannot heal. It is mankind’s’ own botheration borne out of lost connections and moving away from the source – our mother nature, never, ever of the Earth nor of the Universe. It’s our smallness that wants to save the earth.. Earth has survived and it will continue to; the soil, the rocks, the mountains will all stay, we, a self-destroying tribe, won’t!

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….my body bathed in the rains and dried by the gusty winds blowing from the west, my heart filled with deep joy from the connection with the elements of nature, that touch my soaring spirits, my feet and hands toiled and soiled with the planting, skin seasoned with a beautiful tan and a few more wrinkles that makes me sexier….. I experience real bliss!


….. I realise, and remember John Muir – “The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness”….. salut! Mr Muir, you are so very right..

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…… I will be very much away from the virtual world without any regret… come see me where you’ll belong and where you all belong……

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“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

spot me     …..adios……

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