27 May

our small village home is being set up for our dwelling…. planting moringa, curry leaf, pomegranate, neem trees and some flowering bushes; planning for a hammock space in the backyard; locating the papaya pit circle and the trelise crops on the fence in the frontyard; fixing the laundry wash stone and so on ans so forth…

as usual, and, I guess that is what I will need to get used to – slowing down, big time, people take their own sweet time to finish work – a quality that is good mostly and a little bad at times! So, finally after a 2 month wait we have a place to cook, sleep and work from..

in the next few weeks we will be somewhat prepared to accept volunteers who can work independently in pioneering the project work with us – vegetable gardens, tree planting, documentation, building the treehouse etc..

after the days work dripping in sweat, with the dust from the woodwork and mud on my body, sitting in the dark, with the regular power cut… opens up a whole new, real world – the silence, the starlit skies, the dark clouds playing hide n seek with the moon, the shadowed images of the villagers hurrying up to reach their homes… the silence makes me appreciate nature so much more..

I sit with closed moist eyes, in gratitude and quiet admiration of this simple beauty which is denied in our living in the hustle bustle of the rat race dominated city life; an illusion that, that is life! …

and… from in the dark… when I feel insignificantly small soaked in the darkness of the vast skies in the magnificence of the universe and mother nature’s myriad forms…

establishing his existence, claiming his rightful space….

the Tiger roars..

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