Rangaayana is an effort in keeping alive the Indian traditions of folk-lore, music and dance – our ancient ways of passing wisdom & knowledge.

Not just India, but with the rest of the world, we are witnessing a dying of our traditions; music, story telling, poetry, folklore, dance, and more. This was culture; this was community; it binds people with life. With growing culture of alienation, a result of modern competitive consumerist living, all of this and much more is being lost to the big game. No one has time for leisure, unless, of course, earned.

These ancient traditions were not just activities of leisure, but held a deeper relevance. These traditions are of indispensable value as one of the sources of information. Records, not just of facts, but beliefs, that are not entitled to much credence for historical purposes in the form of stories were handed down, chiefly, by oral tradition. These have been passed from generation to generation, creating a bond of traditional values with the present-day generation.

An antiquarian can trace folklore parallels between, not only, those of different parts of the same country but also of the countries of the world.

With communities divided, we are at a risk of losing our ancient wisdom and ancient ways of education which charms the listener while passing the message from generation to generation bringing people together.

Rangaayana is an effort towards reviving our dying traditions of art forms.