Volunteers are an essential part of the Swayyam community. You are welcome at any time to come and participate in our projects, to live and work together with us in awareness and respect for the environment.

We appreciate creativity and initiative and welcome any ideas you may have to improve our projects and our community. We consider volunteering an opportunity to share, learn and exchange. We are as much open to learning from you as you are.

Things may not be as perfectly organised as back home, but we ask you to try to take an attitude of helping out rather than complaining.

Write to us with as much details about yourself and why you want to volunteer with us on: malvikaa@swayyam.org


  • Suggested length of stay: A minimum commitment of 15 days is essential to enable a worthwhile engagement for both of us.
  • Experience: Farming or any relevant experience is very welcome but not necessary. Bring your open mind and happy spirits to share.
  • Range of Work: The project offers a wide range of working possibilities – vegetable gardens, fruit and medicinal plants nursery, seed saving, composting, vermicomposting, natural soap making, cooking community meals, natural buildings, preserving foods – pickles, spice powders, jams, kombucha, documentation, tree planting, mulching, watering, maintaining the community space, educational workshops, building up a live fence, harvesting etc.
  • Work Timings: We start work early, of course depending on the weather and work for about 6-8 hours, Monday to Friday (although, there are no holidays for farmers and the love of the work makes it fun). We are always flexible in considering your individual needs and preferences.


  • Swayyam is a nonprofit project that does not generate income; therefore we, unfortunately, cannot afford to provide free food and accommodation for volunteers, though support is provided for those who have stayed 2 months showing dedication, taken on a role of responsibility and committed to a minimum of 4 months.
  • Volunteers are requested to contribute 300 Rupees per day that includes accommodation and community lunch for Monday – Friday. Vegetarian Community Lunch is cooked together by the volunteers and residents. Most of the food cooked is Organic and grown locally on the farm.
  • A fully equipped kitchen is available for you with a fridge, blender and a stove to cook your other meals. The village has a small store for you to buy your staples and groceries.

Children or pets

  • Given that we are not very far from a Wildlife Reserve Forest (tigers, elephants, leopards and wild boars) we would NOT be able to host pets.
  • Children however are very welcome.

Internet and electronics

  • Bring your own internet. Although we might make provisions for volunteers working on documentation and for any emergency needs.
  • The closest town with good internet access is 45 minutes away by bus that plies every hour.
  • We aim towards living off the grid and become independent from non-renewable energies, therefore a wise use of electric/electronic gadgets will be very much appreciated.

Transportation & Location

Bus services to the village are quite convenient. Taxis from the nearest town are available to prebook.

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/FxedvHgiuKyAvK6F8

  • Distances from the project site to: Bandipur Tiger Reserve – 10.5 km
  • Gundlupet – 29 km
  • Ooty (Tamilnadu)– 57 km
  • Chamarajnagar – 50 km
  • Mysore – 85 km
  • Wayanad (Kerala) – 100 km
  • Calicut (Kerala) – 148 km
  • Coimbatore (Tamilnadu) – 150 km
  • Bangalore – 225 km


  • Various possibilities of a shared dorm, twin sharing rooms, a private hut or pitching your own tents to the starlit skies.
  • Mattresses and pillows can be provided. However, we encourage you to bring your own sleeping bags and a bedsheet.

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Kannada.

Dress code and conduct

  • Given that we are in a rural setting in conservative India, living with farmers who toil the soil all day, please dress modestly at all times. Wear clothes that cover the shoulders and the knees. Avoid wearing deep neck and figure-hugging outfits.
  • Inappropriate and public displays of physical affection between men and women are not very welcome. This is requested of you more out of respect for the Indian culture and the people rather than a code.
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol and use of drugs is not permitted on the premises during your entire stay. Only come when this is a realistic lifestyle for you.
  • Believers need to keep their faith to themselves or in utmost privacy.

Things to Carry

  • We follow and practise an eco-friendly lifestyle, please bring your biodegradable toiletries or you can buy them from us.
  • It’s preferred that the women use washable sanitary cotton pads or a moon/she cup.
  • Keeping the ethos of the land, plastics or any non-biodegradable materials, you will need to take them back with you and cannot be littered, burned or disposed off on the land.
  • Carry insect repellants, towels, toiletries, work clothes, sun hat, comfortable shoes and sandals, a sleeping bag and a torch.

Other attractions

If you stay with us for long, you have several places of interest within 2-3 hours since we are in Karnataka and at the borders of 2 other states – Tamilnadu and Kerala in less than 100 km radius.