Denuded land to thriving abundance - story of swaYYam, Open Shell Farm and the 1000 Tree Project

In this short video by The Better India you will see the transformation of a denuded and rocky land transition into an abundant food forest in 6 years that today grows about 70% of all its food through thoughtful regenerative design using Permaculture and Agroforestry principles.



is swaYYam?

swaYYAm is a not-for-profit registered as a Trust with the government of India. We work toward thoughtfully building resilient local communities by increasing capacities for self-reliance.



is swaYYam?

swaYYam is a collective of  educators, farmers, natural builders, artists, and other talented team members

The brown patches of lands below the open shell regenerative farm (you can see the contrast) is the project on hand. The land has been fenced and green manure rabi crop of horsegram has been sown. Earthworks will follow to conserve water and prevent erosion losses. Tree pits will be dug and prepared to plan the coming mosoons. Saplings will be bought, raised and stocked up. WE're preparing a list of species that are drought tolerant, fast growing pioneers, multi use providing food, fodder, timber, fibre, medicine, fuelwood. The crops will primarily be crops that provide for the sustenance of the farmers/ food and fodder needs.


is swaYYam?

swaYYam’s Open Shell Farm is located in Yelachatti village, on the edge of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve National Park in state of Karnataka, India

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Open Shell Farm

With Open Shell Farm, we began our work in year 2014 on the ecological regeneration of a small piece of barren and degraded land located next to the Bandipur Tiger Reserve in the hills of the Western Ghats.

1000 Tree Project

The 1000 Tree Project was started in response to the drought of 2016 when we saw large scale cattle deaths in our area. Deforestation and failed monsoons combined with chemical farming, soil erosion, overgrazing and plummeting groundwater supplies created a downward spiral for the community living here.


Rangaayana is an effort in reviving dying Indian traditions of folk-lore, music and dance – our ancient ways of passing wisdom & knowledge.

“The project aims to maintain the integrity of the local ecology – social and environmental – and integrate sustainability in every decision. The goal is to design and build capacities and self-reliance within the community and the individual as well. For life to have meaning and longevity one cannot separate the outer world with the inner world. They are inextricably connected.”


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