About Swayyam


Building Resilient Local Communities

Who are we?

How we are

At the root of our work is an effort to preserve and promote practices that highlight the best of humanity and allow for the natural productivity of the Earth. Using strategies that are harmonious with nature, we build resilient systems for creating a shared abundance.

Preservation of Biodiversity

We work to mitigate the effects of Climate Change with an emphasis on Reforestation using Agroecology and Permaculture methods

Capacities for Self-Reliance

Food, seed, fuelwood and fodder security affect rural populations around the world. We look for Local Solutions to build capacities for self-reliance with support for the transition from Chemical to Organic Farming.

Building Resilient Communities

We seek to foster enterprise and engagements which strengthen the social fabric of the community. Community Owned Resources and Small Scale Industries improve livelihood security while Educational Opportunities and Promotion of the Arts further enrich marginalized groups and preserve their unique traditions.

Our Story

Swayyam is a non-profit registered as a Trust with the Government of India in 2011.

Swayyam aims to maintain the integrity of the local ecology – social and environmental – and integrate sustainability in every decision. The goal is to design and build capacities and self-reliance within individuals and communities while repairing the damage done to the environment.

Swayyam’s first project, Open Shell Farm, was established in 2014 on the edge of the Bandipur Tiger Reserve. We initiated the 1000 Tree Project in 2016 to help farmers reclaim abandoned farmlands.

With the establishment of the Swayyam Community Center, we seek to expand our work to a central location in Gundlupet.

We believe our future rests in very localized exchanges of labour and products and depends on the preservation of age-old practices and knowledge regarding the sustained production of nutritious food, the construction of reliable shelter from local materials and the sharing of culture through art.

Want to get involved?

100% of your support goes into helping our farmers become self-sufficient


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It helps us make our farmers’ dreams of becoming self-sustainable come true.


Support in any way you would love to.
You can choose to sponsor a tree or tree plantation for an acre of land.


Adopt a farmer.
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